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1 Source Private Investigations LLC


2925 Highway Dr.Highland, Indiana 46322


We reluctantly post these few testimonials only because many clients

have provided them to us, and asked us to do so.

We believe that testimonials are self indulgent, and can be misleading.

All cases are different, and the outcome of your case, although it may not

be what you hoped for or expected, may none the less be a successful one

from an investigative perspective.

You pay 1 Source PI for information, and we provide information.

We could have 200 positive testimonials posted,

but it's just not how we do business.

No case is more important than yours, so you will have to be the judge.

1 Source Private Investigations has been absolutely amazing from day one. I have used them for their skip tracing services and for service of process. Prior to becoming acquainted with 1 Source, I used big city investigation firms who overcharged for their services that they could not take the time to render. Not only does 1 Source render the services requested, but they also go out of their way to complete each and every job. I am 110% satisfied with the hard work and dedication that 1 Source puts into their services. Nothing goes unfinished, nothing goes overlooked. The job gets done one way or another regardless of the distance or complications, all at a reasonable, and fair price. I would recommend 1 Source Private Investigations to anyone at any time!

Nikki Clark


Chicago, Illinois

1 Source Private Investigations LLC

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