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Met On A Dating Site


This page is dedicated to one thing and one thing only: you met someone on a dating site and you need to know more about the person. There are a few simple signals you get from someone you just met on a dating site that should send up your antenna. You deserve to know the truth about the person you are involved with. 

Signs that do not add up: 

Their description of themselves is full of superlatives, and you are not able to get a recent pic of them. 

They want to get you off of the dating site into direct chat too soon.

Their profile seems like it was cut and paste. 

They are not on Facebook or their profile has few or no friends.

They ask for cash.

We provide you with a Comprehensive Background Report delivered to your inbox. This report will include a nationwide criminal history, address history, relatives, known and likely associates, and many extras. 

Our regular fee is $125.00, we have a special for this report for the month of June for $50.00

1 Source Private Investigations LLC

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