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1 Source Private Investigations was started during the worst recession in 60 years. We knew the investigation business was not recession proof, and would require a different approach to be competitive. Everyone told us (actually they told Tom Smith) "you can't make it", "you can't do it", "ten (10) private investigation companies located in Indiana close every month", "9 out of 10 private investigator licenses issued per year are out of business within the 1st year", etc etc etc. To Tom Smith it sounded like there was a 90% likelihood of failure. Fact is: we have been successful, we are providing a product that people want, need, and use. 1 Source Private Investigations is here to stay, we are racking up successes by the week, and are a force to be dealt with. We have already conquered the Northwest Indiana region, but our goal is to be the #1 investigation company in the entire Chicago market.
To those naysayers, we say - bring it on.
To our satisfied customers, we say - Thank You, and we will be here when you need us.
Scisco, latin [to investigate, inquire] I scisco, therefore I am!
Investigator:(in·ves·ti·ga·tor) one who investigates.
Detective: (de-tec-tive)  a person engaged in detecting lawbreakers or in obtaining information that is not readily or publicly accessible, by superior methods of reasoning and deduction.
Dossier: dos·sier \ˈdȯs-yā, dȯ-sē-ā
bundle of documents labeled on the back, a file containing detailed records on a particular person or subject.
My dad, Wayne Smith passed away in 2004 when he was 84 yrs old. A few weeks before he died I greeted him as he arrived at my sisters house. I said: Hi dad, how are you feeling? He said: "with my fingers." :-)
"If we can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them, they must become happy." --Thomas Jefferson, 1802
"There are plenty of investigators, but not everyone who calls themselves an investigator is a detective". For example: anyone can drive a taxi, but that does not mean they are a taxi cab driver. 
Thomas C. Smith
The defense attorney:
"The zealous defense attorney is the last bastion of liberty - the
final barrier between an overreaching government and its citizens". 
Alan M. Dershowitz
'If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember anything". Mark Twain
"If you don't like being disciplined, then discipline yourself".
Thomas C. Smith
"They who dwell on the past, rob the present, but they who ignore the past, rob the future".
Attributed to: Steve Geller written for the television show "Kung Fu".
Luck is just taking advantage of an opportunity.
Thomas C. Smith
There is no such thing as: "I am putting in 110% effort", all that is, is just another way of trying really hard to convince someone else that they should recognize you.
Thomas C. Smith
If two people always agree on everything, one of them is making all of the decisions.
This is meant to be humorous, but if you are insulted,
I know why:

The Bill Of Rights: Nothing more needs to be said, it's all right there. Having said that, the following is noted: at the time the BOR was written and ratified, our nation, still newly formed, was under attack. Although we certainly held up against the tyranny of the British government, our people were the fighting force that lead to our independence. In today's society there is much discussion about the meaning, spirit and intent of the "right to bear arms", and many have the misguided position that our society has evolved into something that no longer requires the individual's right to bear arms. I say that at this time our country is under even greater attack than when the BOR was enacted, and the last bastion of freedom we have as a people is the quintessential right to protect ourselves, our neighbors, and our country. Thomas C Smith
A bumper sticker I saw: If you are behind me, and I am going too slow, you should have left sooner.
A sign I saw: Why is it that when my kid was 18 yrs old; they thought they knew everything, but now that they are 25 and want to move back home, I know everything?
Politically speaking: there is no such thing as a "moderate", just people that are not brave enough to admit they're conservatives.
The eternal optimist is someone who is sitting on the dock waiting for their ship to come in who hasn't placed an order.
Politically speaking: an independent is someone who does not have the guts to take sides.
What is the real good, I asked in musing mood?
ORDER, said the law court;
KNOWLEDGE, said the school;
TRUTH, said the wise man;
PLEASURE, said the fool;
LOVE, said the maiden;
BEAUTY, said the page;
FREEDOM, said the dreamer;
HOME, said the sage;
FAME, said the soldier;
EQUITY, said the seer; 
Spoke my heart sadly, the answer is not here
Then within my soul, softly this I heard:
each heart holds the secret
KINDNESS is the word   
By Thomas C. Smith © 1996
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