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Paralegal Trial Assistance
  • 14 years of Paralegal Experience (AS1998)
  • 2000+ hrs Court Room Experience
  • Creditor Rights
  • Debtor Rights
  • Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Criminal Investigation and Defense
  • Civil Matters to numerous to list
  • Former Legal Coordinator
  • Former Probation Officer
  • Former Criminal Investigator with Public Defenders Office
  • Former USMC Military Police
  • Former Deputy Sheriff (Mounted Posse)
  • Former full time Realtor - $4,000,000 in closed sales
This is a service provided by 1 Source Private Investigations that we feel is unique. Other investigation firms advertise attorney or trial assistance, but because I have worked outside the back offices of law firms for my entire careers, my skill set is different than the average Paralegal. I am not a paper pusher or typist, although I can do both.
Most lawyers handle their own cases at trial without co-counsel or court room assistants. This is perfectly normal, and most lawyers are successful without any help. But if they missed something that could have resulted in a winning case, or better outcome; how will they
ever know?
As a Paralegal with more than 1,000 hours of trial experience, more than two years in the court room, and over 14 years of legal exposure. I bring the concept of "strength in numbers" to the fore at substantially less than the expenses associated with a co-counsel. Also, I don't have an agenda or an ego that will get in the way.
As a Paralegal Trial Assistant, I am able to do things a single attorney just cannot do. My primary function is to serve as an objective analyst for the benefit of my side. Although I am not an attorney, because of my background I am able to think both in and outside the box as it pertains to rules of evidence, witness questioning, court room observations, and the delivery of principals case by the attorney I am assisting. My purpose is to take direction, to follow any request without hesitation, and to provide any other support that you may require.     
The client looks to their attorney to whom they have entrusted their case for guidance, the attorney is responsible to their client, while I am responsible to the attorney. By having me available during trial, the attorney has the luxury of an extra set of eyes and ears. I use the analogy that my participation is similar to the replay official who sits up in the box above the field in the event a coach challenges a play, and asks the on-field referee for a review. However, my observations are more preemptive than after the fact because I may make an observation or suggestion to the attorney that he is able to incorporate into direct, cross, re-direct or re-cross examination that he/she otherwise would not have thought to do. In contrast to the replay official example, most of us know that if a coach does not request a play be reviewed, it cannot be reviewed once the next play begins.
I realize what my limitations are; I am not interested in playing the role of lawyer, nor do I believe that I am qualified to do so. My sole responsibility and only objective is to provide you with the support you have requested and defined. I will not interrupt you, or tap you on the shoulder to offer my opinion or suggestion. I may from time to time slide a note where you can see it, all other communications will occur when you initiate them, or court is in recess.
In making copious notes I am able to document for later reference:
  • Observations of the response of jurors to lines of questioning
  • Observations of opposing counsel reactions and note taking 
  • Observations of plaintiff and defendant making involuntary movements, or reactions to truths, untruths, and mistatements
  • Opposing counsel questions which contained false inferences
  • Missed objections
Other areas where I can be a valuable asset:
  • Make suggestions
  • Render opinions
  • Perform emergency research
  • Make emergency telephone calls
  • Transport witnesses
  • Locate witnesses
  • Retrieve documents
  • Assist and/or conduct focus group/mock jury
  • Assist in delivery of case files, set up of projectors, or other equipment
  • Assist in selection of jury, and identification of foreperson
  • Off the record sounding board
These services are available at reasonable rates. My straight hourly rate is $65.00 plus expenses and travel at .75¢ per mile. This includes pre and post trial work. Flat rates are available on a contingency basis plus a bonus if the case is won, and there is a monetary award. In other words; I am willing to work 20, 50, 100 hours for a reasonable flat rate against a piece of your percentage of the award if you win. All flat rate arrangements are on a case by case basis. Defense work is on an hourly basis only.   
Continuous Retainer Agreements are available, and custom rates are subject to consideration.  
Don't wait until you lose a case, or miss out on a larger award before you use my services. The cost of my services are very reasonable when measured against the cost of a co-counsel, and the resources of a defense lawyer funded by an insurance company. I cannot guarantee you that my services will factor into the outcome of the case, but I can guarantee you that your chances  of winning will be better.
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