1 Source Private Investigations - 219-381-8685

To establish long term business relationships based on ethical and
economic principles that are always mutually beneficial.
To provide the highest quality investigative support
for the legal profession and general public.
To give straight talk, high-end results, and charge a fair price.
Criterion's of Doing Business
During my business experience, I have concluded that an equitable
means to measure the performance of companies I do business with,
is best done by how I myself would like to be measured.
A few are:
  •                        Timely and accurate communications
  •                        Clear goals and objectives
  •                        Efficient administration
  •                        Issue resolution
  •                        Fair and timely compensation
Over time one or more of these criterion's may become
a concern in your business relationships; however, 
these will not be areas you will have to worry about with me.
I am Tom Smith, this is what I stand for...
The owner and founder of 1 Source Private Investigations.
...and that is the black and white of it.
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