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Investor Relations
Areas of discussion:
  • investments       
  • mergers
  • alliances
  • expansion            
  • strategic initiatives
  • networks
  • common causes
  • other mutually beneficial concerns
Message from the owner:
1 Source PI is receptive to ideas and/or proposals from possible outside investors. Our definition of "investor" includes both financial and/or intellectual.
We are also interested in expanding our operations into other areas within the State of Indiana. If you are interested in opening a satellite1 Source Private Investigations office in your city or town, please contact me to discuss.
This can also be a conduit for like-minded business professionals to engage in meaningful dialogue about and for investigative work.
Such dialogue may or may not lead to a business relationship, none the less, the ideas of a venture capitalist or field related entity are welcome.  
If you feel there is an area to discuss that is mutually and equally beneficial, please use the following form to submit your contact information.
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